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It has been speculated that the life readings given by the seer Edgar Cayce were based on the draconic charts of the people concerned.

Another way of stating this is that the draconic first point of Aries is the tropical north node. Using the true node for this purpose seems to work best, but some astrologers advocate the mean node. Most astrological computer programmes have the ability to generate draconic charts. The basic meaning of the draconic planets, signs and houses is the same as in the tropical level though their interpretation is simplified, as this is a chart that seems to operate at a soul level.

It can be helpful to keep it in mind that at this plane of being the signs do not represent psychological characteristics or personality traits, but they correspond to deeply held values and belief patterns inherent in the soul. They are the inner maxims and higher ethics that give the individual purpose, meaning and clarity of conviction.

The North and South Nodes of the Moon

Being concerned with inner impulses, draconic placements indicate soul qualities and purpose and suggest the ideal the soul is striving to attain, as well as potential areas of growth and fulfilment for the present incarnation. The draconic chart is generated from the position of the north node, an indicator of the way forward. As this point becomes the Aries point—a point of taking action—it suggests that in order to live this chart to its greatest potential, the highest qualities of the signs need to be deliberately cultivated.

Often it is these higher principles that are expressed, or at least aspired to. However, the less helpful qualities sometimes tend to come through until the soul gains wisdom and knowledge and develops spiritual maturity. The challenge for each individual is to live up to the ideals held dear at a soul level.

Keeping the above in mind, the following descriptions connected to the draconic signs are by no means a definitive list, but are meant to spark your imagination. It might be helpful to expand on them and then note down some of your own ideas. The principles outlined relate to each planet and angle though they can best be applied to the draconic Sun, Moon and ascendant. Also keep it in mind that when, for example, Mercury is being studied, they concern the thinking and mental processes, and so on. The draconic chart can be studied as a chart in its own right, and this will give valuable information as to the guiding principles of the soul and its intention for the incarnation.

The sign in which our North Node is placed can give us hints and guidance about the shifts that are wanting to occur within us in order to allow our natural soul light to shine in all of its brilliance.

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Aries North Node brings a desire for happiness and fairness, and the support of another. By embracing their own independent self, expressing and following their own spirit, they will find their own fulfillment and support within self. This actually then opens the path to attract those who will also support them. Being balanced and supportive of self will bring balanced support of others.

Aries Sign North Node -- Your Soul Mission and Personal Path to Bliss!

The best way to help others is by being true to self. Finding true and solid sense of self and their own desires and purpose first, enables the desired merging with another in mutual empowerment. Let go of the need for validation through others. Strength through own values and own energy and supported by nature, is found with patience.

What do they mean?

Listening for absolute truth. By loosening their grip on the idea that they are the ones who hold the truth, and opening to listening to what is around them and the stories and points of view of others, that very sense of truth they seek can be found through their natural honing perception, when they truly listen.

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  5. North Node in Cancer can bring a desire for control over all situations, and for a sense of recognition and validation for that control. However, if they can let go of that need for control and allow their own vulnerability to surface, they can actually find the security they seek within themselves through that ultimate taking responsibility for self of allowing their truth to be acknowledged.

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    5. Acknowledging their own feelings also enables them to better understand the feelings of others and their innate gifts of nurturing others and self can shine from a secure place. North Node in Leo can bring a desire to receive love. With this trust in self and taking delight in the joys of the heart, they create their own happiness and find the love that is so sought. North Node in Virgo brings a perception beyond the masks of others, and compassion for what is seen. Despite showing a strong front, they are actually very sensitive themselves.

      If their focus remains on the needs of the other and they help from that place rather than worrying about how they are being perceived, they actually help themselves as well, with a deeper trust in self, and naturally shine in the process. North Node in Libra brings a desire for the light of appreciation to shine on them.

      If they can look selflessly to those who recognize their light, and give selflessly of their light and energy, this is what will reflect to them the light of appreciation and recognition they seek. When they give freely of their light they have a natural gift to energize and uplift others. Strong self-identity — when used to support others — brings inner satisfaction and glow.

      North Node Guide

      As a result, in this lifetime, they might feel frustrated because indecisiveness continues to rule their existence. But break free is what they must do. Because part of their soul mission in this life is to develop a true sense of self. They must learn to stand up for their own truth. The time has come for them to become an individual and let go of the need to be an extension of somebody else.

      At times, their journey might feel a bit lonely and isolating They must learn to be one in company of others These are the greatest gifts that these individuals could give themselves. The path might not always be easy. But then again, how could it not be? Out of all the zodiac sign natives, the Aries sign north node individual has had the least amount of past-life experience examining himself.

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