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We will study these zodiacal images through the traditional astrological divisions of the four elements and the three qualities, along their psychological and astrological correspondences. The elements and qualities of the zodiac reveal subtleties of human temperament, character and personality. Considering the zodiac includes its history and astronomy to understand its development and how constellations are different from zodiac signs. Each sign will be covered in detail examining their astrological descriptions, as well as the mythic template that underpins their images.

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The signs of the zodiac also symbolise twelve initiatory stages in the individuation process; therefore the study of each sign is not only an insight into human temperament, but also reveal essential qualities of human experience. However, towards the end of the 18th Century CE, another planet was discovered and named Uranus which changed the composition of the known solar system. It is these planets which we will study in detail and depth.

Planets are potent metaphors of our personal, social and collective experiences. Metaphorically planets symbolise the powerful urges, impulses, energies and instincts that underpin all of life, which motivate and influence every human being. Therefore each planetary archetype will be thoroughly examined with reference to their psychological and astrological qualities. As archetypes of human experience, planets were once conceived as divine; hence each has their unique mythology which we will study.

Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology - Robert Ohotto

To contemplate and find meaning in the symbols of the sky from a particular place, astrologers use the angles of the horoscope to orientate themselves. Angles take shape when certain great circles intersect with the ecliptic, another imaginary line sketched on the canvas of the heavens by the Sun. The angles of the horoscope or the Ascendant, Descendant, MC, and IC are the reference points of our lives and orientate us to the world. These form the axes of the horoscope which we will study, along with the quadrants and hemispheres.

The twelve houses will be introduced in reference to the process of human development and experience. We will begin to synthesise planets in signs and houses to give meaning to astrological statements. Major aspects are the astrological threads connecting planets that weave archetypal patterns into the tapestry of our lives. Aspects are planetary dialogues which reveal sub-personalities in the horoscope.

As the lifelines between planets, aspects will be thoroughly examined including major patterns and planetary pictures. Many examples of the complexity of planets in aspect will be examined. These include the study of the lunar nodes, another axis in the horoscope which suggests an intriguing encounter with past patterns and destiny; the phenomenon of intercepted signs, which occur when using unequal house systems; understanding the occurrence and meaning of retrograde planets in the horoscope; the lunation cycle or the phase of the cycle you were born under.

We will also study this cycle as a prototype of all astrological cycles. As part of this unit we will be also cover some technical aspects to understand the astronomical basis behind astrological techniques, introduce the ephemeris and also begin to look at a chart as a whole by contemplating how we might analyse, delineate and consider the horoscope.

Its perspective suggests that the images of the parents, the familial complexes and inheritances are innate, which suggests that the soul already has an essential template for its experience. Astrology allows us to reflect on familial fate and ways of being authentic with our ancestral inheritance. Attempts to measure time using the planets have existed since antiquity; for instance the changing face of the Moon helped ancient man measure and record the passing of time.


Each planet has its own unique timing whether that is the fast moving cycle of the Moon which takes Astrology offers an imaginative and incomparable method of charting the life cycle and our unique personal timing and initiations. We will study each of the planetary cycles and its correlation to the human life cycle. The impact of cycles and transits of all the planets, including Chiron, will be analysed thoroughly. As part of this unit we will examine vocation, which includes exploring the areas of resources, income and assets, skills, routines and work patterns as well as possibilities for a fulfilling profession.

Astrology also has a long tradition associated with medicine; commonly known is the correspondences between parts of the body and zodiac signs. During this unit we will explore both physical and mental health along with ways to maintain well being and a healthy lifestyle. This will entail examination of a range of emotional states and learning the astrological correlations between planets, signs and the body.

Our personal horoscope also comments on the areas of creativity and spirituality which we will also address.

Chariklo School Of Archetypal Astrology

The unit will end studying the four main asteroids which were discovered in the early 19th Century. A deeper understanding of astrology can also help you navigate your times of greatest challenge and direct you to powerful hidden resources. I know of no work that so well incorporates the findings of Freud, Jung, and Rank, adding fresh insights, which the methods of those psychotherapists could never have achieved. I do not doubt that many others working in this field would find Dr.

Grof marshals an impressive array of data and speculation in support of the timely demand that Western science acknowledge consciousness and its many non-ordinary states. Grof has had far and away more experience in psychedelic research than anyone else and has come up with the most comprehensive and helpful framework for interpreting the data in this bewildering area.

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Tarnas writes lucidly, brilliantly, passionately, unfolding the great drama of the evolution of the Western mind act by act, scene by scene in precise and scholarly detail. This will be a book for the ages. It will stand over time with the seminal expressions of the human spirit. It would be great to connect in January!

Embodied Archetypal Astrology: Exploring Experiential Approaches to Learning and Living Astrology

Starts January 11, Designed for people with a basic knowledge of astrology, this course will present all the essential information for an in-depth understanding of natal aspects and transits. Holotropic Astrology. One-day beginner's class. What students have said about my classes:.

Such an opulent abundance of content.

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